Nutritional status is very important for overall health. We carry a wide variety of quality nutritional supplements.
Dr. Snider is available to assess your nutritional status using a variety of modern tools.  Whether you wish to improve your diet, learn to eat healthy on a gluten free and/or dairy free plan, diabetic food plan, sports nutrition, vegetarian or vegan,  Dr. Snider can provide the necessary guidance.

Dr. Snider is a Registered Nutritionist and  has a Masters Degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine as well as a vast knowledge of current trends and up to date studies in Nutrition.  In addition, Dr. Snider is a Certified Functional Medicine practitioner (IFMCP) with the Institute For Functional Medicine.

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Weight Loss Programs:  

Dr. Snider offers a 10 week supervised weight loss programs  for those wanting to lose weight safely and with a food plan that is customized to your individual needs.  There are weekly weigh ins, shopping with the doctor to educate on how to read read labels and introduce you to new healthy foods.  In addition,  regular talks are given by Dr. Snider on exercise, sleep, mind-body work, healthy fats, detoxification, mindful eating,  and more.  There are weekly meditation/yoga/relaxation sessions to introduce you to the benefits of relaxation for stress reduction and impulse eating control.

 Whether you wish to lose weight, lose belly fat, improve your immune system or improve the function of your thyroid gland, heart, lungs and digestive tract, Dr. Snider can help.

Many people suffer from IBS, IBD, perimenopausal problems that can be treated with diet and lifestyle.

As a marathon runner( 21 marathons, 4 time Boston Marathon) and triathlete ( three- time Ironman) Dr. Snider can provide nutritional guidance for sports enthusiasts.

We have

  • High-quality vitamins from: Metagenics, Thorne, and Genestra, Douglas Laboratories, Pure Encapsulations, and Adeeva
  • Nutritional Supplements: protein bars, performance protein powder
  • Organic Food (wheat-free, gluten-free, dairy-free)
  • Energy gels and electrolyte powders 
  • Detoxification medical foods

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