"I had headaches on a daily basis. Often I would take up to three pain pills per day just to make it through the day. After only a few weeks of care from Dr. Snider I noticed a great improvement. Now I rarely have a headache. Thanks Dr. Snider."

Low Back Pain

"When I first came to see Dr. Snider I was bent over in pain due to a pinched nerve in my low back. I had pain running down my right leg and into the sole of the foot. It was difficult to walk, sit and even sleep. My pain is now gone and it's been three years without any back episodes. Chiropractic Care really works. I get adjusted regularly to keep my spine healthy."

Immune Function

"My two year old used to be sick constantly. He was on antibiotics every other month for a full year. I took him to Dr. Snider and after a few months he stopped getting ear infections and has not been on antibiotics for over a year. His immune system is so much stronger now, when he does catch a cold his body is able to fight the infection on it's own."

Animal Chiropractic Care     

"My 15 year old dog was in terrible pain, she would pace all day until she collapsed on the floor with all four legs sprawled out at her sides and could not get up.  We were ready to put her to sleep.  After the first adjustment she perked up and was more mobile, on the second and third treatment she was happy and moving like her old self again.  Now she is on regular maintenance care and has been prancing around again! Thanks so much."

Functional Medicine/Chiropractic

"I am grateful to Dr. Snider for providing a solution to a painful and debilitating muscle weakness.  The treatment was effective, non-invasive and without the use of powerful medication typically prescribed by traditional health care providers."

  • "Dr. Jones is wonderful and so is his staff. I would recommend him to anyone."
  • "Dr. Smith is the best! She took the time to learn about me as a person not just a patient."

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